Erica Bray
A digital marketing pro with storytelling chops.


When leading digital video production, my experience as an on-air reporter, local news producer/writer and documentary producer is invaluable. Each platform and syndication channel requires nuanced considerations -- from storytelling approach to audience optimizing. The thing that never changes, however: the need for a compelling storyline.

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Cold Case Files

Cold Case Files

I researched, reported, wrote and produced more than 40 storylines for this Emmy-nominated documentary series that plunged into some of the world's most riveting crime investigations. It aired on A&E.

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"I Am" Series

I created a digital video series for Donuts Inc., serving as executive producer, as well as reporter and writer. These digi-documentaries spotlighted trailblazing entrepreneurs incorporating a "not-com" domain into their business' online brand -- uniting the "universal soul of the entrepreneur" with business objectives. Ten entrepreneurs were highlighted in less than two years, showcasing creative use of domain extensions as diverse as and .coffee.

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Social Media & Mobile Video: "I Am"

I executive produced 30-second, high-energy versions of our "I Am" digi-documentaries for Instagram, Facebook and mobile syndication. Consumer habits are different on these platforms -- shorter is more impactful, and viewers often watch video with the sound turned off -- so we repurposed these videos to better appeal to these audiences.

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Executive produced a video to promote a multifaceted marketing campaign pegged to the launch of the .dog domain and timed with National Dog Day (Aug. 25). Through strategic digital syndication and Facebook promotion, this received more than 2 million views.

Animated Shorts

I worked with a team of animators on the conception and creation of these animated shorts that humanized the "dot" in a domain name -- by transforming his coupling with new domain extensions into love story vignettes. We produced a video to celebrate .florist and another to celebrate the newly available .wine. (A second version of this spot was produced entirely in French, too.) These videos were incorporated into social media promotions around Valentine's Day and other events tied to romance, flowers and vino.

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Educational Videos

Educational Videos

My work at Donuts Inc. focused on raising awareness for new "not-com" domain choices. But first thing's first: What are they? And why do they matter? I worked with Tech Expert Katie Linendoll to create a series of instructional videos to explain the online phenomenon in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

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