Erica Bray
A digital marketing pro with storytelling chops.


Yoga is the yin to my digital yang. I've been practicing since 1999 and teach across Chicago. I consider myself a humble messenger, championing its benefits to a society easily so sucked into superficial drama and self-created stress. 

In fact, I took a self-imposed career sabbatical in 2014 to study with an eclectic collection of yoga and meditation teachers around the world.

I apply a "yoga lens" to my work. It helps colleagues (and frankly, me) maintain perspective.

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... and yes, I like to do handstands.
I do a handstand wherever I travel. It's a tradition I've been honoring since I was 19. 
Life, and work, can be way more fun upside down.
Who says rightside up is always ... "right"?